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In Love

WRINKLE CREAMS ALONE DON'T WORK & HERE'S WHY:    Wrinkles  develop overnight while you sleep.  Between the pull of gravity and pressing your face into a pillow, your face creases for hours at a time, wrinkles develop and your face ages.  No amount of wrinkle cream can stop this from happening.  The Solution:  with our  patent pending formula and design, the Smooth Sleepers dermahesive not only prevents sleep wrinkles from developing, they flatten, smooth and get rid of those that already exist. The Result:  You wake up in the morning with smooth flat skin around your eyes and between your brows. 

Unretouched Photos

Our uncompensated testers say that after 1 night in Smooth Sleepers, they woke up to find the wrinkles around their eyes, and between their brows gone.  For the first week, the wrinkles partially return between 2 - 4 hours.  For each week following that the Smooth Sleepers were worn, the wrinkles stayed gone longer and longer, until after 3 to 4  weeks, the wrinkles stayed gone all day!

Age 78
before 78.jpg
after 78.jpg
After One Night

Deep Frown Lines

frown lines before.jpg
frown lines after.jpg
After One Night

Unsolicited Testimonies 

Jay, Age 46
"I had been using (-----Popular Name Brand Wrinkle Cream) for over 7 months, and had not seen any noticeable improvements. In just ONE WEEK of using Smooth Sleepers, it has drastically reduced the wrinkles on my face.  I am a 100% satisfied customer, and am sharing your product with everyone I know who can use it." 

man before.jpg
man after.jpg

Elisabeth, Age 47
"I don't like this stuff.  I love this stuff!  I can't believe the change I am seeing after only 3 days.  It is remarkable.  The lines around my eyes are gone!  My only complaint is it's not large enough to cover my whole face!"  ha, ha.

elizabeth before.jpg
elizabeth after.jpg
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